Announcing another Victorious Giving Day for Mississippi, #MSDayofGiving

Posted by Marcy Ogborn on Oct 21, 2016 10:25:31 AM

Mississippi successfully completed their second annual Giving Day, #MSDayofGiving 2016! 
From 9 am (CT) on October 20th until 9 am on October 21st, people from throughout the state of Mississippi came together to support their local nonprofit organizations listed on the official Mississippi Giving Day website hosted by GiveGab.

#MSDayofGivingEach of the 68 participating organizations had a Giving Day profile that allowed them to collect online donations and included the built-in functionality to share their nonprofit stories, compelling photos and/or a video, some background on why they were participating in the event, and available volunteer opportunities.
As of 10/21/16 at 1 PM, this giving event brought in $59,417 to 68 nonprofits from 507 gracious donors:
Organizations were listed on the MSDayofGiving Leaderboards in order of the most raised and the most donors:
Screenshot of MSDayofGiving Leaderboards
  • Extra Table collected the most donations from 9 am on 10/20 to 9 am on 10/21
  • Teach for America had the most donors for the duration of the giving day

Following this event, participating nonprofits will have continued access to their personal fundraising accounts through, where they can go on to create unlimited fundraising campaigns, engage their supporters, and collect more online donations.

From all of us at GiveGab, congratulations to Mississippi for another victorious Giving Day for your state! 🙂
For more information about the Giving Day platform behind Mississippi Day of Giving and many other successful Giving Days, click below:

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