5 Reasons Boost is the Ideal Fundraising Suite for Nonprofits

Posted by GiveGab on Nov 29, 2018 6:27:59 AM

GiveGab’s Boost Fundraising Suite offers many useful features that are completely scalable to suit the needs of your organization, many of which are unlimited.

This is helpful for fundraisers at every level, whether you run just one campaign or event during the year or several! There are no limits to what you can do on GiveGab.

Here are five ways GiveGab gives fundraising professionals the capacity they need:

1. Campaigns and Events

All organizations that use the Boost fundraising suite will have the capacity to launch unlimited campaigns and events! This means you can have as many campaigns or events available at the same time.

Unlimited Fundraising

2. Peer-to-peer Fundraisers

With Boost, you will also get unlimited peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising, which means limitless opportunities to increase your donor base and donations! You can have as many fundraisers and fundraising teams as you would like and you can enable P2P on all of your events and campaigns. This is especially helpful since P2P fundraising is proven to bring in more donors.

Unlimited Fundraising

3. Supporters, Administrators, and Tracking

In addition, you will have access to unlimited supporters on the platform and the ability to have as many administrators as you would like for your organization. With our Boost Plan, you also have the ability to track custom properties and tags for your supporters, as shown below.

4. Embeddable Donation Options

You can now add unlimited embeddable donation buttons to your website. These can be connected to your general profile, as well as any of your campaign pages, and your Giving Day page. Your donors will never have to leave your website to contribute to your cause.

Unlimited Fundraising

5. Customer Success

Finally, unlimited support from our Customer Success Champions, via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner of all of our pages, provides insight into the platform, nonprofit strategy, and best practices.

GiveGab and unlimited really do go hand-in-hand! Whether your goal is monetary, donor-based, supporter based, or volunteer-based, GiveGab has the features, support, and tools to help you succeed! To learn more, reach out to our Customer Success team.

Thank you and Happy Fundraising! 

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