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Posted by Katie Thomas on Oct 22, 2020 4:53:00 PM

Giving & Gabbing is GiveGab’s official podcast, featuring interviews with our philanthropic partners that highlight their unique digital fundraising and engagement stories. By offering this podcast, we strive to educate and inspire fundraising professionals from across the country – and perhaps even provide [a small morsel of] entertainment.

In Episode 9 of Giving & Gabbing, our co-hosts are joined by Jackie Downing, Director of Grant Marketing and Nonprofit Effectiveness at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. Jackie and her team organize an annual Giving Day, The Great Give®, and just celebrated their 11th event that raised $3,633,911 for 398 organizations in May of 2020.

As one of the first Giving Days in the US, The Great Give® is a highly anticipated event that has continued to flourish over the years. Jackie and her team have managed this 36-hour campaign through GiveGab since 2018.

With support from GiveGab, they saw a recorded breaking year on our platform in 2020 with a 94.5% increase in dollars raised and a 41.12% increase in donor participation from their 2019 Giving Day.

In an effort to further strengthen their nonprofits’ impact and voice in the New Haven, CT, community, the Community Foundation recently launched®, an online database of local organizations, powered by GiveGab’s Philanthropy Hub.

Philanthropic Database
Philanthropy Hub allows you to ignite philanthropy in your community by providing a centralized portal where supporters, grantmakers, and other entities can go to learn about and support nonprofits within your community. It also provides organizations with a platform to tell their story and engage in online fundraising year-round.


Throughout this episode, Jackie takes a deep dive into the importance of creating a centralized place for donors to learn more, connect, and give back to nonprofits serving their community.

In this episode of Giving & Gabbing, our guest Jackie Downing discusses:

Philanthropic Database
  • Her experience working with GiveGab on their annual Giving Day, The Great Give®
  • Key factors motivating her team’s decision to launch® for the New Haven community
  • The level of support received from GiveGab as they onboarded nonprofits onto the Philanthropy Hub platform
  • Expected results for nonprofits and community members utilizing®
  • Advice to other philanthropic leaders who may be interested in hosting a catalog of local nonprofit


Check out the full interview with Jackie Downing on Creating a Philanthropic Database for Your Community by listening to our Giving & Gabbing episode below or wherever you get your podcasts!

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Written by Katie Thomas

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