Donor Fatigue and The Ask: How Much is Too Much?

Posted by Casey Keller on Mar 1, 2017 6:11:54 AM

There are different schools of thought on Donor Fatigue, and not all strategies will work for every nonprofit. But in reality, it’s not how often you ask, but how often you’re interacting with your donors and closing the loop on the last ask. 

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Turning Your Donors into Heroes of Your Nonprofit Story

Posted by Marcy Ogborn on Apr 14, 2016 5:00:31 AM

One of the most effective strategies you can follow to ensure that you have happy and loyal donors is to focus your communication strategy around turning your donors into heroes of your mission!  

As a nonprofit, are you mindful of the language you’re using when communicating with your donors?

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Donation Ask Frequency: “If You Ain’t Rubbin’, You Ain’t Racing”

Posted by Charlie Mulligan on Feb 10, 2016 3:07:29 AM

“He didn’t slam into you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you, he rubbed you.  And rubbing is racing.”  – Anonymous Nascar Enthusiast

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How to Prevent Donor Fatigue: Forefront Interview (Part 3)

Posted by GiveGab on Jan 11, 2016 6:11:03 AM

In our first Forefront article, we introduced you to a conversation we had with Delia and Marlee from Forefront (formerly known as Donors Forum) on how to build successful nonprofit-donor relationships.

We followed up on that topic with an article on what to ask when creating your ask.  In this article, we’ll address an issue nonprofits are all too familiar with:  Donor fatigue or donor exhaustion.

By definition, Donor Fatigue is:

 “A generic term for the unwillingness to contribute to charitable causes on an ongoing basis because the donor has been asked for donations too often and is now tired of giving.” 

Based out of Illinois, Forefront is the nation’s only statewide membership association for nonprofits and philanthropy (among other groups).  Their staff consists of some of the top experts in nonprofit fundraising and the overall success of nonprofits.

We asked Delia and Marlee how they would advise nonprofits to prevent exhausting their donors with too many emails.  Delia started off by saying:

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What to Ask for When Making Your Ask: Forefront Interview (Part 2)

Posted by GiveGab on Jan 7, 2016 10:26:47 AM

In our last article, we shared insights from Delia and Marlee from Forefront (formerly Donors Forum) regarding building successful nonprofit-donor relationships…  

With the New year approaching, we asked Marlee and Delia what their advice would be for nonprofits to improve on the overall success of their fundraising efforts in 2016.  In particular, what should nonprofits be asking for when making their ask?  The following was Marlee’s response: 

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