How to make your Fundraisers FEEL like the Champions they are!

Posted by Alyssa Ravenelle on Sep 2, 2015 4:13:24 PM

Here at GiveGab we truly believe a campaign’s success is strongly tied to the success of the Fundraising Champions.

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The Metrics Behind Relationships

Posted by Charlie Mulligan on Aug 3, 2015 10:40:37 AM

Days of Giving are a hot topic these days.  You don’t have to look far in the world of philanthropy without hearing how such and such state raised $20 million, or so and so county raised $3 million, or x college raised x millions.

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Nonprofit Crowdfunding: Feel Good Fundraising for Feel Good Stories

Posted by Keith Hannon on Jul 28, 2015 10:57:52 AM

Regardless of your beliefs on technology’s influence on fundraising, the verdict is in: crowdfunding is legit and it’s NOT going away.  Why? Because people aren’t going away.

Crowdfunding is less about technology and more about people.  People live their lives online.  They share pictures of their food, meet their future spouses, work a continent away from their office, watch tv shows and movies, and yes, even engage in philanthropy.  You might feel like the status quo has always served you well so why bother adopting a new strategy for your non-profit?  Well, it just so happens I believe in answering my own rhetorical questions, so here goes:

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