4 Key Benefits of Using Volunteer Management Software

Posted by Marcy Ogborn on Apr 5, 2016 5:00:29 AM

How are you currently managing and promoting volunteer opportunities and supporters for your nonprofit?  Are you doing everything offline or do you have an online process in place?  

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How to Engage Supporters as a New Nonprofit

Posted by Marcy Ogborn on Mar 21, 2016 6:30:24 AM

As a newly established nonprofit, you face many unique challenges, but one of the biggest on your agenda is effectively engaging with supporters.

And because your organization is new, your supporters are new as well! So, in order to sustain the support coming in and expand on it, quality of engagement with supporters is key.  

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3 Steps to Turn Donors into All Around Supporters

Posted by Bridget Cafaro on Feb 29, 2016 5:00:53 AM

Donor retention is one of the biggest challenges nonprofit fundraisers face. With 60% of donors only giving once,  it’s a struggle to find ways to turn your one-time donors into repeat donors.

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7 Secret Perks of Thanking Your Donors

Posted by Michelle Sawyer on Jan 28, 2016 6:30:07 AM

Being grateful and expressing your appreciation has many benefits.

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2 Crucial Steps to Fundraising Success: Forefront Interview (Part 4)

Posted by GiveGab on Jan 13, 2016 4:54:27 AM

In our last 3 blog posts, we shared advice from Forefront (formerly Donors Forum) concerning nonprofit-donor relationships, what to for ask when making your ask, and preventing donor fatigue.  Tying up the conversation, Marlee and Delia gave us their final thoughts on how to improve fundraising efforts in order to prevail, not just get by, as a nonprofit.  The following are the two most crucial steps.

Step 1:  Treat your mission with the respect it deserves

Marlee’s last piece of advice concerned placing appropriate value and importance on your nonprofit’s cause:

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9 Special Ways to Thank Your Supporters

Posted by Michelle Sawyer on Dec 9, 2015 6:15:04 AM

Giving thanks is always in style and it’s helpful to plan in advance how you’re going to thank donors.

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The Anatomy of an Amazing Online Fundraising Campaign

Posted by Jess Confer on Jul 20, 2015 4:44:59 PM

If you haven’t dipped into online fundraising yet, never fear! I’m going to break down some very basic, yet essential, parts of an online fundraising campaign.  If you have had experience with online fundraising but haven’t seen much success, my hope is that you’ll be inspired to give it another go.

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