Take Your In-Person Events Online with a Virtual Giving Day

Posted by Marcy Ogborn on Jul 30, 2020 10:45:00 AM

Your in-person events bring your supporters together to celebrate your organization and bring in additional revenue for the year. With social distancing being a fact of life, it has become critical for organizations to offer virtual alternatives to in-person fundraising events.

Giving Days are digital fundraising challenges that typically last 24 hours, but can run for as long as desired by the Giving Day leader or host. Often complimented by in-person events and celebrations, the ultimate goal of a Giving Day is to rally awareness and support for local communities, nonprofit missions, schools, and hospitals.

And while gathering in-person isn’t a safe option for most of us right now, an effective alternative is engaging virtually in real-time via live streaming!

Introducing GiveGab Live!

GiveGab Live is your real-time virtual event dashboard. With digital engagement at an all-time high, the value of meeting your audience online in real-time is paramount to maintaining interest and building on existing relationships. This is why we’ve developed a mobile-friendly virtual event platform to help strengthen connections with your community of supporters.

Virtual Giving Day

Above is a snippet of our GiveGab Live Beta implemented during Giving is Gorges 2020, a Giving Day that’s powered and hosted by the GiveGab team.

For this Giving Day, we showcased the amount Raised so Far in real-time at the top of the page, followed by two CTAs for donating via Text to Give and a Donate button. The above gif represents a live-streamed Zoom interview between the Project Manager of Giving is Gorges and two local celebrities who used GiveGab Live to stream their interviews with participating nonprofits.

The Live dashboard also features the donor feed to the right of the video along with the number of organizations participating, number of donors, and number of gifts – all updated in real-time throughout the duration of the Giving Day.

GiveGab Live Options

GiveGab Live is your Giving Day’s virtual engagement dashboard. You can choose what to feature, including pre-recorded videos in tandem with or in place of a live stream, your live stats, leaderboards, and more.

Virtual Giving Day

Here are some of the many options to choose from with GiveGab Live:

  • Showcase your live fundraising stats, top participating organizations updated in real-time via your leaderboards, and live donor feed to showcase most recent donations.
  • Connect your existing YouTube Live Channel to stream through the GiveGab Live dashboard.
  • Sync your Zoom account to live stream a meeting between your organization and members of your community.
  • Integrate with your preferred live stream partner or one recommended by our Giving Day team to help you plan and execute your strategy.
  • Get add-ons like educational resources, toolkits, and basic onboarding to facilitate a successful live stream.
  • Implement Text-to-Give to grant donors access to a mobile-responsive giving form.

With digital engagement at an all-time high, the value of meeting your audience online in real-time is paramount to maintaining interest and building on existing relationships.

Engage your community in real-time with GiveGab Live!

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